2022-11-24 06:19:48

Wellcome to Closed BETA-TEST of new MuSimple server. The main goal of the beta test is to find and fix all critical bugs and tune server settings. In this regard, we invites active and sociable players to take part in beta test.

We promise you a lot of exciting challenges and cool rewards. By helping us find bugs, you can try yourself as a Game-Tester and receive valuable rewards, when new server starts.


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2022-11-20 12:36:51


Launching a new Ageyal x1000.


Dear friends, we have fixed a lot of bugs and improved the Ageyal x1000. Now we are ready to accept old and new players in Mu Online Classic PvP. We have changed the attitude and worked on a lot of issues related to player communication.


Important dates!


Server was started: ........ at 20:00 ...... time 

First Castle Siege was: ...  at 8:00 PM Server - 2 weeks after the official start of the server

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