2023-09-16 10:54:36

As promised. It's September and we are happy to introduce a new low-rate Drarion x100.
Server launch: 30.09.2023 17.00 (UTC+2).
Registration will be available from 23.09.2023.
First castle siege: 14.10.2023 19.00 (UTC+2) - 2 weeks after the official server launch.


Easy start !!!

  • All characters will be able to do the first 2 resets already at level 350! 
  • 3/4/5 reset at level 380!


Freebie - Sceleton Transformation Ring + Pet Sceleton.Term for 24 hours!


Transition guilds min 10 people.

  • GM - 20 days VIP + 500Wc
  • AGM - 10 days VIP + 250Wc
  • BM - 5 days VIP + 150Wc

Prerequisite: Go to Discord! Create a Guild in the game.
Write in pm
Darki / Suflen
*Reward accrual after 24-48h.


Information about the server:
Version: Season 3
Experience rating: x100
Drop Rate: 10%
Max Level : 400
Max Reset: 100
Max Grand Reset: 20
Elf Helper : up to level 200
Game Client 30 FPS
Max Stats : BK/SM/ELF: 97400+ / MG/DL: 117800+

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2023-06-09 23:05:41

Dear players! 
As you all understand by now, the game on the current Ageyal x1000 server is coming to its logical conclusion. 
The low online presence is demotivating people to continue playing the game and newcomers are being scared away by the large number of fully trained and packaged characters. 
It is obvious that the server needs to be revitalized and that is a task we will tackle in the coming time.
Our plan is to open up a
x100 or x50 server.
There will be a poll on Diskord, select the server you feel comfortable playing on! 

Автор: Suflen
VIP premium. 2023-04-22 11:30:04

The Ageyal x1000 server was launched on 18.03.2023, and if for some 
reason you missed the opening, now is the time to start 
play and break into the
Top 100 resets.


When you create a new character you will receive:

  • +20 resets / Dk,Dw,Elf 11000 / Mg,Dl 13000 free stats:
  • Silver VIP premium account for 7 days:
  • +50% to experience for 7 days.
Автор: Suflen
Guild Migration 2023-03-26 22:41:11

As our project is new , we would like to offer guild masters 
and their guilds some credits and extra bonuses for the 
migration from another servers.
We want to see as many as possible new guilds on our 
server to have a huge competition between you guys!

Rules :

- Minimal amount of members in guild - 10 real players.


If guild will execute all conditions you will get as a reward : 

- Gold Premium Buff for 1 month to GM +500Wc
- Silver Premium Buff 1 month AGM +300Wc
- Bronze Premium Buff 1 month to BMs +150Wc


Автор: Suflen
The Ageyal x1000 update! 2023-03-21 23:40:40

The Ageyal x1000 server was launched on 3/18/2023 and if, for some reason, you missed the opening, now is the time to start playing and break into the Top 100 resets.
All new characters will be able to make the first 2 resets already at level 350! 3/4/5 reset at level 380! The cost of the reset has been reduced!!!
Also, the changes affected the VIP accounts, changed the value of zen! Of course for the better!

  • Bronze Premium: Zen Drop Value +10%!
  • Silver Premium: Zen Drop Value +25%!
  • Gold Premium: Zen Drop Value +35%!

In all locations at times there are more snakes, ! Now it will be much easier to collect zen!

And also increased the drop of Jewel! But at the same time, the cost of Jewel was reduced by 3 times when sold at the NPC!

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Launching new Ageyal x1000. 2023-03-17 12:28:30

Pre-registration for the new Ageyal x1000 server is now Open.
All early created accounts were DELETED 


  • The game client has been updated.
  • All players need to download and install a new client !!!


Dear friends, we have finalized the Ageyal x1000 server. 

Now we are ready to welcome old and new players in Mu Online Classic PvP.
We changed the attitude to the standard game, and worked through many moments related to the gameplay.


Important dates!
Server Launch:
18.03.2023 17.00 (UTC+2)
Registration will be available from 15.03.2023.
First Castle Siege:
09.04.2023 19.00 (UTC+2) - 3 weeks after the official start of the server.


Server Details:
Version: Season 3
Rate per experience: x1000
Drop rate: 80%
Max Level: 400
Max Reset: 100
Max Grand Reset: 20
Maximum stats: 32767
Mu Helper: from level 1
Elf Helper up to: 200 levels
30 FPS game client

Автор: Suflen
Drawing in honor 2023 year ! 2023-01-14 10:55:53

We are glad to inform you that on 30.12.2022 the MuSimple administration will hold a drawing in honor of the new 2023 year ! 
Among the new, as well as veterans of the
MuSimple will be raffled off 3 Gold VIPs accounts for 5 days, 3 Silver VIPs accounts for 3 days, 3 Bronze VIPs accounts for 2 days !
Let's also play 1 Box of Weapons +4, 2 Box of Weapons +3, 3 Box of Weapons +2 !
Learn more about the


Vip Gold for 5 days Winners : Buritto , Kupnu4 , xAGx
Vip Silver for 3 days Winners : Angelo , Ebonu , Suflen
Vip Bronze for 2 days Winners : ne4enbko , Kaoli , kamon4
Weapon box +4 : naPa3uTka
Weapon box +3 : xAGx , Zaebal
Weapon box + 2 : ne4enbko , Angelo , Suflen

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Box information. 2022-12-20 22:24:30




     Information about Boxes has been added to the forum.
     The information is not complete and will be replenished over time!

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