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Coming soon:


MuSimple Ageyal x1000 - is a high rait server that offers Quantum Reset and Dynamic Experience System.


The Dynamic Experience System is a system that decreases the amount of experience a player receives as he progresses through the resets. 

The principle - the stronger you become, the harder it becomes to pump up your character. 
But at the same time, along with the resets you will open new opportunities and even a small influx of Donat currency. 
Thus, every next reset becomes more desirable and rewarding.


Resets Experience Credits
1-99 1000 5
100-124 700 10
125-149 400 15
150-174 100 20
175-199 50 25
200-215 30 50


Quantum Reset system resets only 1 of your resets and allows you to earn Quantum Point (Qpoints) and Quantum Coint (Qcoints) at the same time. 
To perform a
Quantum Reset, your character must have 215 resets and level 400. 
After a
Quantum Reset, your reset remains 215 a level will be reset to 1 and stats will be granted as when you took the 215 reset. 
Base experience gained after
Quantum Reset for your character x10
Maximum number of Quantum Reset 40


After Quantum Reset you get:
1.5k - Quantum Point (Qcoints) 
5 - Quantum Point (Qpoints) *First 20 Quantum Reset*
500 - Wc

Basic Info:


Points per reset for normal classes: 430
Reset points for MG and DL: 530
Maximum number of resets: 215
Reset cost: 5kk * number of resets


Автор: Suflen
2024-01-24 20:00:28


Dear MuSimple players!


With an important message from the server administration: we have conducted a vaip on Ageyal x1000.

This means that the whole world has been updated, and now you will have a unique opportunity to start your adventure from scratch.


New sets, improved abilities, a new reset system and updated mechanics await you. 
We hope you enjoy the changes we will make.


More details will be available on 28.01.2024.


The server is running in test mode, all accounts remain! New registration is not required!


We wish you the best of luck in the new Mu Online season! Enjoy the game!


MuSimple server administration.

Автор: Suflen
2023-12-29 22:59:05


Dear players! From the whole MuSimple team we wish you a Happy New Year!

May the New Year 2024 bring happiness, good health, family prosperity and many bright moments to each of you.

In honour of New Year holidays we have prepared a gift for you: Promo code - VIP for 15 days.

Promo code: AGXMASS23 for Ageyal x1000 server and DRXMASS23 for Drarion x100 server.
You can use the promo code on the site in your personal cabinet / services / promo code.

We wish you happy and joyful holidays, new adventures and victories in the coming year!

Each new character gets 20 resets.
Sceleton's transformation ring + Sceleton's pet. Lasts for 24 hours!

*Blossom Branches have been added to the drop from the Star of Sacred Birth.

Автор: Suflen
2023-12-18 12:08:45


"Decorate the Christmas tree"

On Drarion x100 server from 18.12.2023 - 14.01.2024


The "Decorate the Christmas Tree" event has begun! This year hundreds of horrible Cursed Goblin have flooded Devias
They want to hijack the holiday and steal all the
Christmas Stars from the New Year's tree. 
Undoubtedly, there will be brave heroes among the players who will rush to fight to save the Christmas holiday!
Kill the maximum number of
Cursed Goblin and take the Christmas Star from them ! 
After you have taken the
Christmas Star from the Cursed Goblin, take them to the Christmas tree in Devias!


You will receive 1 point for decorating the Christmas tree.  Christmas Star = 1 point !!!
For every 1000 points you will receive a
Green box.
And also at the end of the Event, the reward will be given to the three bravest hunters.


The total prize pool of 2000 credit will be divided between the three winners.
1st place : 1000 credit / 2nd place : 600 credit / 3rd place : 400 credit.


You can track your progress on the website.
The event will end on 14.01 at 21:00.


And also together with "Cursed Goblin" in Devias are trying to spoil the holiday "Cursed Santa".
Brave heroes who will rush to fight
"Cursed Santa" will be rewarded.
For killing the evil
"Cursed Santa" you will get 30wc and 50wp as well as Buff for 30 minutes.


Appearance time : "Cursed Goblin" 30 pieces every 30 minutes.
Location : Devias!


Appearance time : "Cursed Santa" 10 pieces every 60 minutes.
Location : Devias!


Each new character gets 20 resets.
Sceleton Transformation Ring + Pet Sceleton. Lasts for 24 hours!


Автор: Suflen
2023-11-22 11:32:37


Black Friday !!! 24 November !!!


Every new character gets 20 resets.

Sceleton Transformation Ring + Pet Sceleton. With a time limit of 24 hours!

Experience x300 already from Friday and until Sunday !!!!

Exchange of credits for Wc is equal to 1 to 5.

Автор: Suflen
2023-11-12 21:59:46


Halloween Week: x300 experience from 30.10 to 05.11.2023.
Every new character gets 5 resets.

Sceleton Transformation Ring + Pet Sceleton.Term for 24 hours!
Lucky Pumpkin has been added to the drop from monsters of 70+ level.


Автор: Suflen
2023-10-20 21:35:34

MuSimple, has prepared for you the First bonus.


  • Only Saturday and Sunday experience x300.


Experience x300 will start on Saturday 00.01 and will last until Sunday 23.59.


Easy start !!!

  • All characters will be able to do the first 2 resets already at level 350! 
  • 3/4/5 reset at level 380!
Автор: Suflen
2023-09-16 10:54:36

As promised. It's September and we are happy to introduce a new low-rate Drarion x100.
Server launch: 30.09.2023 17.00 (UTC+2).
Registration will be available from 23.09.2023.
First castle siege: 14.10.2023 19.00 (UTC+2) - 2 weeks after the official server launch.


Easy start !!!

  • All characters will be able to do the first 2 resets already at level 350! 
  • 3/4/5 reset at level 380!


Freebie - Sceleton Transformation Ring + Pet Sceleton.Term for 24 hours!


Transition guilds min 10 people.

  • GM - 20 days VIP + 500Wc
  • AGM - 10 days VIP + 250Wc
  • BM - 5 days VIP + 150Wc

Prerequisite: Go to Discord! Create a Guild in the game.
Write in pm
Darki / Suflen
*Reward accrual after 24-48h.


Information about the server:
Version: Season 3
Experience rating: x100
Drop Rate: 10%
Max Level : 400
Max Reset: 100
Max Grand Reset: 20
Elf Helper : up to level 200
Game Client 30 FPS
Max Stats : BK/SM/ELF: 97400+ / MG/DL: 117800+

Автор: Suflen
2023-06-09 23:05:41

Dear players! 
As you all understand by now, the game on the current Ageyal x1000 server is coming to its logical conclusion. 
The low online presence is demotivating people to continue playing the game and newcomers are being scared away by the large number of fully trained and packaged characters. 
It is obvious that the server needs to be revitalized and that is a task we will tackle in the coming time.
Our plan is to open up a
x100 or x50 server.
There will be a poll on Diskord, select the server you feel comfortable playing on! 

Автор: Suflen
VIP premium. 2023-04-22 11:30:04

The Ageyal x1000 server was launched on 18.03.2023, and if for some 
reason you missed the opening, now is the time to start 
play and break into the
Top 100 resets.


When you create a new character you will receive:

  • +20 resets / Dk,Dw,Elf 11000 / Mg,Dl 13000 free stats:
  • Silver VIP premium account for 7 days:
  • +50% to experience for 7 days.
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