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Website — https://musimple.net including subdomains and related sites, as well as any information, texts, graphics, videos and other materials posted on the Internet resource mentioned above.The Mudream Project - is the online multiplayer game “MU Online” related to the Website.User - a person who uses the Website and/or the MuSimple project.The MuSimple team - is the administration of the MuSimple Internet resource.

Acceptance of the terms of the user agreement:

The User Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement", governs the relationship between the MuSimple Team, on the Internet at https://musimple.net on the one hand, and the User - You, on the other hand. 
Starting to use the services of the Mudream Project means the unconditional consent of the User with this Agreement. The Agreement may be changed by the Mudream Team without any prior notice, by posting the latest version of the Agreement. 
The responsibility for checking the current version of the Agreement lies with the User.The creation of an account and the use of the Website and/or the MuSimple project constitutes your full acceptance of all of the terms of the user agreement listed below, as well as your consent to the collection, storage and use of your information as described in the Privacy Policy. The MuSimple team reserves the right to deny the User access to the service and services without notifying him, in case of violation by the User of the terms of this Agreement. You agree that the MuSimple Team reserves the right to terminate the services or change their content at any time without notice to the user, and is not responsible for this.

Terms of the agreement:

The MuSimple team has the right to close or restrict access at any time without prior notice to the user. In the event that the User violates this agreement, the MuSimple Team, in its sole discretion, may terminate access to the Website and/or the MuSimple Project. 
In the event that Team MuSimple closes and/or restricts access to an account, the User will no longer have access to the account. The User is not entitled to claim compensation for virtual money and purchased services while using the MuSimple Project and/or the Website.

Terms of Use:

The MuSimple project is a demo project and has nothing to do with the official WebZen servers. If you want to play the full version of the game, then you need to go to the official WebZen servers. The MuSimple project is not used for commercial purposes or for profit.

All accounts, characters, game items, and activities performed on the Mudream project are the exclusive property of MuSimple.

User Responsibility:

If, in accordance with the laws of your state, you are prohibited from receiving gaming services on the Internet or there are other legal restrictions, including restrictions on the age of admission to such services, you may not use the MuSimple project or services within the Website.

The User undertakes to comply with the terms of the Agreement, and is also responsible for any action taken on the MuSimple project and the Website.


Under no circumstances shall the MuSimple Team and the MuSimple Project be liable to the User or third parties for any damages, including lost profits or lost data. 
Using the services, the User agrees that the MuSimple team and the MuSimple project are not responsible for damage to honor, dignity, business reputation or other illegal actions of third parties and so on.Using the services of the MuSimple Project, the User agrees that he is personally responsible. The MuSimple team or its representatives shall not be liable to any third parties for any costs.

Virtual currency and services:

Project MuSimple Services may include the ability to purchase virtual domestic currency as well as virtual domestic services using legal tender. You can use these options if you have reached the age of majority in your country of permanent residence. 
All virtual currency and services are non-refundable. You do not acquire personal rights to the virtual services and/or currency that you purchase. The MuSimple team has full control over all virtual currency and services. 
At any time, with or without prior notice, may change the value of the virtual currency and the virtual currency itself at its sole discretion without any additional obligations.You agree with the Refund policy of the Mudream project by purchasing virtual currency and / or using internal services.

Intellectual Property Rights:

All ownership and intellectual property rights in and to the MuSimple project belong to the MuSimple project and their respective owners. By using the services, you do not obtain any copyright in the intellectual property of the MuSimple project. 
Any use of intellectual property outside the scope of the Services may only be made with written agreement from the MuSimple team.

General information:

The MuSimple team provides the service around the clock and daily, and also provides users with consulting support. The MuSimple project and website are free to access. The MuSimple team reserves the right to change the pricing policy at any time. 
The user agrees, understands and accepts that the game is not gambling, a game for money. Making donations to the server is the will and desire of the User, and not a necessary or mandatory condition for participation in the game and the gameplay. 
The user agrees to receive informational and technical mailings to the e-mail specified in the registration.

Terms of agreement:

This User Agreement is an integral part of the MuSimple Project and the Website. The User undertakes to check the Agreement for changes before each entry into the MuSimple Project and before each visit to the Website. 
Disagreement with even one of the points of these rules prohibits the use of the MuSimple project. The rules are provided and binding for each User of the MuSimple project, regardless of whether he is registered or not.

Member/user account, password and security:

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account, and you are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your password or account. 
You are prohibited from selling or buying someone else's account, as well as any resources under the account (characters, items, credits, etc.).


This Agreement between the User and the MuSimple project determines the procedure for using the service and services of the MuSimple project. Supersedes all other agreements, whether oral or written, between the User and the MuSimple project regarding this use.

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