Basic information !


Mu Helper: from level 1
Guild Creation: Level 350
Max players per guild: 25
Max Guild Alliance Count: 2
Elf Helper up to: 200 levels
Max Reset: 100
Max Grand Reset: 20




Resets will be unlocked gradually, giving less hardcore players an extra opportunity to not fall out of the Reset race:

To unlock 31 resets, 10 people must complete 30 resets.
To open 61 resets, 20 people must complete 60 resets.
To open 91 resets, 30 people must complete 90 resets.


Blood Castle Entry Limit:  10 entries per day per character 

Chaos Castle Entry Limit:  5 entries per day per character 

Devil Square Entry Limit:  10 entries per day per character 

Maximum number of Excellent options:  4

Max server reset:  100

Max server grand reset:  20

Maximum stats on the server:

Max stats: BK/SM/ELF: 97400+

MG/DL: 117800+


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