Welcome to MuSimple

In the game you will get great unique items, kits and much more. To earn the best items, you will need a lot of resets to defeat monster bosses. For resets and master resets, you will earn game currency! Events take place every 1-2 hours, there are many places on each map, a clear game economy and much more. Join us and have fun!


Basic information !


Mu Helper: from level 1
Guild Creation: Level 350
Max players per guild: 25
Max Guild Alliance Count: 2
Elf Helper up to: 200 levels
Max Reset: 100
Max Grand Reset: 20




Blood Castle Entry Limit:  10 entries per day per character 

Chaos Castle Entry Limit:  5 entries per day per character 

Devil Square Entry Limit:  10 entries per day per character 

Maximum number of Excellent options:  4

Max server reset:  100

Max server grand reset:  20

Maximum stats on the server:

Max stats: BK/SM/ELF: 97400+

MG/DL: 117800+


Remuneration for voting:

Vote for the server and get Wcoin every day!


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