1. Forbidden:

1.1 Use bugs and various programs to hack the game and the site, modify the game and launcher files, and help other players or persuade them to performing these actions. Even an unsuccessful attempt like this is a violation. Punishment permanent account ban, IP blocking (up to the entire subnet), computer blocking. If the administration detects this violation, all participants in these actions will be banned without warning. No appeals, no probation, no pardons. Administrators won't even talk to banned players (neither by email, nor by Skype). Think three times before trying to use even the smallest and insignificant bug of the game for your own purposes (including one of these). You risk getting banned for the entire subnet of your provider's IP addresses, which will make it impossible to play on our server not only for you, but also for other players of the same provider / network / city. If you find a bug in the game, please contact the administration.

Punishment: permanent account ban.


1.2 Sell game valuables to other players for real currency. Punishment permanent account ban. In the event of a complaint from any player regarding a real currency trade, an investigation will be carried out. If the deal is similar to trading in-game items for real money (for example, the game value of the item is very high, and only a few stones or cheap items were transferred for it) without the permission of the administration, then all players participating in the deal will be banned. If you want to officially conduct a similar transaction, then contact the administration. Only transactions approved by the administration are safe and will not entail punishment for all participants.

Punishment: permanent account ban.


1.3 Flood - posting the same message more than 2 times in a short period of time

Punishment: mute for an hour, for a repeated violation, the time of the penalty increases.


1.4 Rude profanity, insults, political slogans, nazi propaganda and threats of violence in real life against another player. Repeated violation of this rule increases the duration of the punishment.

Punishment: mute for 24 hours


1.5 Rude profanity, insults and threats of violence in real life against the administrator or administrator representative.

Punishment: mute for 24 hours or ban


1.6 Create characters with nicknames similar to the nicknames of game administrators and moderators. If your nickname is similar to the nickname of one of the administrators or moderators of the game, and you want to use it, you must to get agreement form administration. Contact the administrators with a request to allow this nickname. Perhaps you will be allowed.

Punishment: permanent account ban.


1.7 Interfere, disturb the order or incite other players to such violations, the game master during events or tournaments.

Punishment: disqualification or ban for 24 hours


1.8 Advertising of third-party projects.

Punishment: permanent account ban.


1.9 Discredit the server's reputation.

Punishment: disqualification or ban for 24 hours


1.10 It is prohibited to deceive the Administration: giving false testimony, providing fabricated evidence, evidence. It is forbidden to impersonate a representative of the Administration.

Punishment: 7 days in prison or permanent ban of the character/account.


2. Allowed


2.1 Kill other players. Killing other players it's part of the game. Don't even try to complain about the killers. The administration will not apply any reprisals to phonomaniacs.

2.2 Prevent other players from killing monsters (KS). KS (Kill Steal) it's part of the game, healthy competition. There is no need to complain about being prevented from standing on the respawn. Solve this problem in a playful way.


3. Administration


3.1 Admins and moderators do not need your password or items. If someone asks you to give a thing or a password to your account, then you can send this person wherever you want. This is not an administrator or moderator. The administration does not need your belongings or password. They can get this information directly from the base of the game. Beware of scammers. Account security guidelines ...

3.2 Administrators and moderators never intimidate or threaten. The administration will never threaten players with a ban or other actions. If you violated the rules of the server, then you will receive a fair punishment. If you have not violated it yet, but are close to this, the administration can warn you that you behave within the framework of the rules. Only warn, but in no case threaten. If someone threatens you with a ban or something else, then this is most likely a scammer.

3.3 Administrators can shutdown, restart, modify the server without notifying players and as needed. The administration is doing everything possible to keep the server in working order. But to improve and modify the game, sometimes reboots or temporary server shutdowns may be required. Also, do not forget about unforeseen circumstances, such as power outages, disconnection of the Internet connection due to the fault of the provider, etc. The administration will try to inform the players about the planned technical work through the website or forum.

3.4 The administration does not register guilds for the siege of the castle, after the registration round. Only if the owners of the Castle are not against this action.

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